Touchscreen Showcase

An immersive touchscreen experience to showcase a variety of products, projects, and manufacturing ventures changing the construction industry.

Katerra is an American technology-driven construction company. They’re focused on streamlining the commercial and residential construction process by using innovative materials, offsite component fabrication across several factories, and managing the entire supply chain from start to finish.


Goodthings has been working with Katerra since 2017 supporting its brand development and communication as they experienced catastrophic growth. As they grew, they needed new ways to communicate with their customers and show off all they have to offer.

Initially, Goodthings proposed, designed and developed an augmented reality guided tour app to add context to facility tours around the U.S. Customers were given an iPad to provide additional information as they walked through the factories. The app provided specific information for where they were and what they were seeing offering detail for items and machines foreign to the untrained eye.

Despite being loved by visitors and Katerra alike, the guided tour app was limited in its use as it relied so heavily on specific locations and needed to be configured for each location (content and physical elements like beacons). Collecting feedback from visitors experiencing the tour, Goodthings looked to evolve the idea and have broader usefulness.

The entire experience is compiled of over 40 screens, each with unique content
Touchscreen experience at Katerra's Spokane factory on display for Gov. Inslee showcase in 2019

As a result, the app was adapted as a large touch screen experience to focus on highlighting product information and video for use in events, showrooms, and even offices. The new iteration is a kind of multimedia experience on steroids, allowing customers to learn more about Katerra in a way that keeps their attention far longer than any web experience could.


Besides testing and learning with the actual touchscreen technology and designing for an entirely new ergonomic context, the biggest challenge was the content itself. Katerra was growing at unprecedented speeds and had so much to capture to tell their brand story and highlight new ideas.

We worked with Katerra’s main office as well as those in factories and jobsites to capture a variety of photo and video work. We wrote, directed, captured, and produced interviews, aerial drone shoots, fully animated product showcases, and many other pieces of content for the tour app experience.


The platform is designed and engineered to run a wide range of devices from small tablets to large 55”+ touchscreen displays. It’s easily adaptable and configurable so Katerra can show the right content for the right context, every time.

We continue to work with Katerra, regularly helping create new content for this experience, customizing its navigation and layout, as well as exploring other ways to use technology to help their audience better understand their long list of ventures and innovations.

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